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Shipping and Delivery

FREE Mattress Delivery

FREE Delivery

No need to risk your mattress flying off the roof of your car! For a limited time only, we will cover the costs of shipping and handling for your initial mattress order.

What is included in free mattress shipping:

We will bring your mattress to the closest ground-level dry area to the entryway of the building. This may include the front patio, garage, or foyer. It’s yours from there!

What is not included in free mattress shipping:

Adjustable bases, bed sets, and furniture items generally do not qualify for free shipping if purchased on their own. However, bundling these item(s) with a new mattress purchase in one transaction may qualify for the free shipping offer.

Old mattress haul away offer:

If you purchase a new mattress from us, then we can pickup and dispose of your old mattress at no additional cost to you. Even size swap out only. This means if you order one queen mattress and one queen boxspring from us, we can pickup one old mattress up to a queen size and one old boxspring up to a queen size from you. Old adjustable bases, mattress pieces in excess of quantity purchased, excess sizes, and old bed set removal is not included in the free haul away offer.

Delivery for mattress exchange:

A mattress order to fulfill a comfort exchange do not qualify for our free delivery offer. Sterilization and handling costs for the mattress exchange is $150 in addition to the delivery cost to be determined according to distance. This fee is to cover mandated expenses and labor. We institute this charge in order to keep prices as low as possible for everyone.

Shipping to destinations outside of our coverage zone:

Rates are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please email or call us to get a shipping estimate.

Store Pickup Instead of Delivery

If you would rather pickup your item instead of delivery, that’s free, too!

Delivery Options

Store Pickup

  • Free
  • We help you load the item(s). It’s yours from there!
  • Customer is responsible for unpacking, assembly, and disposing of packaging debris
  • 2-day shipping damage claim window (customer covers re-delivery cost)

Basic Delivery

  • FREE for any mattress order
  • $150 flat-rate (service area only) for anything else
  • Item(s) brought into ground-level garage or driveway. It’s yours from there!
  • Customer is responsible for unpacking, assembly, and disposing of packaging debris
  • 2-day shipping damage claim window (we cover re-delivery cost)

Premier Delivery

  • $250 flat-rate (service area only) for any item
  • Item(s) brought into room-of-choice up to the second floor (+$50 to third floor)
  • Items are unpacked, assembled, and packaging debris removed
  • 2-day shipping damage claim window (we cover re-delivery cost)

Delivery Guidelines

Measure and Measure Again

Measure the area in which the furniture will be placed. Note the measurements of the furniture to ensure product will fit in the space appropriately.

Clear A Path For Your Delivery

Tight doorways, narrow halls, decorative wall pieces, and stairwells can all pose a problem when delivering new furniture. Be sure that the piece will fit in – and into – your home.

Clear and Clean The Space

We can neither disassemble existing furniture, nor can we vacuum the floor prior to setting down the new furniture. Please have the room ready for the new items prior to our arrival.


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