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Our Story

Our humble beginnings were rooted in San Jose as far back as 1990 in the furniture retail industry. In 2003, our operations moved to Sacramento, CA. Although we have specialized in furniture for over 30 years, we came across the opportunity to open up clearance mattress-only stores starting in 2022. Simply put, we got our hands on premium top-tier mattresses that need to be liquidated through no fault of their own. Shop with us and see how we are able to offer discounts on top of other stores’ discounted prices.
Because we are independently owned and funded, we have no external partners, no shareholders, and no other board of directors to answer to regarding our strategy. While many other stores rely on high-pressure sales team, gimmicks, and unscrupulous tactics to increase their profits, we rely solely on our loyal customer base and their referrals to continue our growth. We do so by keeping operations and strategy simple: provide very fair prices, excellent service, and honest answers.

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Why Us?

Low Price Guarantee

We are so confident in our low prices every day that we offer customers an opportunity to comparison shop up to 360 days after purchase to ensure they got the best deal possible.

Quality Control

We select from only top brands with a proven track history of delivering quality regardless of marketing shenanigans. If we would not put that mattress in our own home, we would not sell it.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We never say whatever you want to hear or pressure you to close the sale. We want to be transparent throughout the entire process. By doing so, we provide a process that is free from unpleasant surprises. After all, we are trusting you to trust us.


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